Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi Tersesat di Kebun Binatang

Recount Text Experience-Salah satu pengalaman yang sulit untuk dilupakan adalah pengalaman tersesat di keramaian. Apalagi jika tersesat di tempat yang luas seperti kebun binatang. Recount text experience kali ini akan bercerita tentang pengalaman tersesat saat berlibur ke kebun binatang di  Malang yang terkenal dengan secret zoo nya.

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contoh recount text pengalaman pribadi
Contoh recount text pengalaman pribadi

Orientation Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi - Tersesat di Kebun Binatang

It was 2009 when this story happened. I and my family decided to visit the local zoo at Malang, East Java. We had planned it a month before we left the house and started our holiday. Everything was well planned and nothing becomes a serious problem unless one thing. I had been lost in the zoo.

My parent got their holiday a week after my school holidays. So, when we started our journey, actually it was at the highest point of the visitor during the holiday. Unfortunately, we didn’t know about that and just simply started our journey to Malang.

Collection of Events Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi - Tersesat di Kebun Binatang

We lived in Jakarta which was the busiest city in Indonesia. As the busiest city, we tended to leave the city in the dawn to avoid the traffic jam. Honestly, it felt so bored to be trapped in a traffic jam even you stayed in the car. I couldn’t imagine how people stayed in the traffic jam when they travelled by motorcycle. They must be strong.

Honestly, I did not remember which path we took to go to Malang. It was long enough to travelled by car. If I was not mistaken, it was more than one day to get there. Finally, after a long journey, we could be there safely and healthy. I knew it was a tiring day but I didn’t feel that because I was so happy. It was the first time for me to get out from Jakarta.

When we arrived in Malang, we went to my uncle’s house firstly. It was about two weeks holiday plan, so my parent thought it would be wiser to stay in my uncle’s house than to stay in a hotel. Hotel must be expensive now during the holiday. Besides, my uncle also offered himself to be the guide for us to find the real holiday spot in Malang.

During the holiday, there were some places we visited. The first one is Tawon Rimba. It was the home for thousand of bees and the place where they produced honey. It was amazing to see such unbelievable things. We could harvest honey there. Also, we could buy some juices there.

Then, the place we visited was Balekambang beach. People who loved travelling to Bali might see this as Tanah Lot beach. It was quite similar. There was also a temple in the middle of the sea and we could get there by  walk when the sea was getting drier. It was amazing.

Next, we visited Angkut museum. Did you love wearing a mask? Here, you could find a thousand masks from around Indonesia. Also, there were some ancient things from pre-historic age till Majapahit era. I couldn't imagine how did they keep those valuable things. I meant, it must be not easy to take care of them.

At the last, the one I couldn't forget to. It was the Secret zoo. Everything was fine and nothing to be worried. You could see many animals that completely cared and loved there. I was so excited there, but that led me into a bad situation. I completely ignored my family. I had just walked away by myself.

I didn't notice that I just followed my eye pursuing the animal. I had never seen such real amazing animals in my life. I just knew some animal from television. At that time, I didn't realize that I had separated for an hour and I had no idea where to go. It was like a nightmare. The zoo was so wide so I couldn't find them by myself.

I finally asked some staffs there to announce that I lost my family or let me say, my family, lost me. After a half an hour, finally, my parent could see me again. Instead of worrying, my Mom completely felt so upset. She got mad at me and I just kept smiling.

Re-Orientation Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi  - Tersesat di Kebun Binatang

After that occasion, we decided to stayed longer in my uncle house until we had to go back to Jakarta. That was my personal experience which was got lost in the zoo.

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Recount Text Pengalaman Pribadi Tersesat di Kebun Binatang